An Honest Look at LinkedIn Outreach Automation

I recently took a closer look at Waalaxy to see if it's the right outreach tool for my needs. After putting it to the test, I found some aspects I liked and others that didn't quite meet my expectations.

In my review, I'll share my insights on how Waalaxy operates and my honest opinion on whether it's a suitable choice for businesses like mine.

About Waalaxy

Waalaxy stands out as a tool that enhances LinkedIn's basic functions and surpasses other automation tools. It's designed for those who want to boost their LinkedIn activities, including lead generation, sales, and marketing.

What I appreciate about Waalaxy is its ability to automate LinkedIn tasks while keeping within LinkedIn's terms of service, even covering some activities outside of them.

The tool simplifies LinkedIn prospecting into three straightforward steps: selecting prospects from LinkedIn, setting up personalized campaigns combining LinkedIn and email, and then letting Waalaxy take over the prospecting process.

Waalaxy's capabilities extend beyond sending messages and connection requests. It automatically manages LinkedIn notifications and allows me to track my campaign's performance with an intuitive dashboard.

However, there are some drawbacks. The pricing feels significantly higher compared to the market and the features provided. Additionally, outside of LinkedIn campaigns, I noticed a lack of deep automation and personalization options.

Pros and Cons from My Perspective

✅ Pros:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Effective for LinkedIn campaigns
  • Excellent customer support and helpful webinars
  • Email finder and enrichment tools in the higher-tier plans

❌ Cons:

  • Limited options for personalizing messages
  • The speed of sending connection requests could be faster
  • High pricing
  • Challenges in creating complex sequences
  • Time zone differences pose issues for US customers like me
  • No email features in the lower-tier plans

Waalaxy’s Key Functions

Waalaxy primarily serves two main purposes in my experience:

  • LinkedIn prospecting and messaging
  • Email finding and outreach, which is available only in the higher-tier plans

1. Setting Up and Managing Campaigns

I started by installing the Waalaxy Chrome extension and began a seven-day free trial. The dashboard is quite user-friendly, featuring a prominent “Start a campaign” button. There's an option to choose from pre-made templates or create a custom one. However, I was limited to importing 800 prospects per month from LinkedIn.

Dealing with Waalaxy's Quirks

It's worth noting that Waalaxy mainly functions as a Chrome extension and requires the LinkedIn tab to be kept open, which I found a bit inconvenient.

2. LinkedIn Outreach

The tool allows sending up to 800 connection requests monthly. This feature is great for targeting specific types of contacts, aligning well with my professional goals.

3. Email Outreach Addition

I can add an email component to my LinkedIn campaign, but this is only available in the more expensive business plan. While great for smaller-scale campaigns, it's somewhat limiting for larger ones.

4. Interface and Reporting

Waalaxy’s interface is clean and straightforward. I can easily track my networking activities, invitation acceptance rates, and message responses. The business plan offers more in-depth data, particularly for email campaigns.

5. Team Plan Feature

For those managing multiple LinkedIn accounts, Waalaxy's team plan is a beneficial feature. It allows the creation and management of multi-channel campaigns and offers CRM synchronization. However, the starting price of $350/month for two members is quite steep.

Pricing and Its Value

Waalaxy's recent price hike has made me question its value for money. The free plan is quite basic, and the advanced and business plans have become significantly more expensive without substantial improvements or additions.

My Final Take

Waalaxy works well for targeted LinkedIn outreach. However, the time zone differences can be a challenge for users like me in the U.S. It suits smaller operations but might be restrictive for larger campaigns. Given the current pricing, I'm evaluating whether the value justifies the cost.

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