2024 Review of Brevo (Previously Known as Sendinblue): Simplifying Email Marketing

This blog post offers a concise review of Brevo (formerly Sendinblue), focusing on its effectiveness in simplifying email marketing in 2024.

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Written by
Roberto Dekker
Published on
5 May

In the dynamic world of business communication, email marketing remains a key player. Amidst a multitude of platforms, choosing the right one is essential. This review delves into Brevo, formerly Sendinblue, highlighting its role in making email marketing accessible for businesses of all sizes.

The Vital Role of Email Marketing

Email marketing remains a pivotal element in the digital marketing sphere. Brevo, recognizing its pivotal role, provides a user-friendly platform that streamlines and amplifies email marketing strategies, serving a wide array of business requirements. From crafting impactful marketing emails to understanding the nuances of email advertising, Brevo's tools are designed to demystify the email marketing definition and offer insights into how to do email marketing effectively.

Exploring Brevo's Features

Brevo carves a niche in the email marketing arena with its all-encompassing features tailored for impactful communication and marketing. The evolution from Sendinblue to Brevo is a testament to its dedication to perpetual enhancement, positioning itself as a leading email sending platform.

User-Friendly Interface

Known for its user-friendly interface, Brevo caters to both novices and seasoned marketers alike. Its streamlined and well-organized layout promotes effortless navigation and successful email campaign management, ensuring an optimal email user experience.

Effective Email Campaign Management

The email campaign management system at Brevo strikes a perfect balance between advanced features and accessibility. With its comprehensive design and robust functionality, users can effortlessly create, schedule, and monitor their email campaigns, leveraging the power of email automation.

A Rich Library of Email Templates

Brevo boasts a selection of 47 versatile email templates, each designed to meet a variety of marketing objectives. These responsive templates empower users to construct compelling and aesthetically pleasing marketing emails without requiring extensive design skills.

Innovative WhatsApp Campaigns

Expanding its marketing toolkit, Brevo introduces WhatsApp campaigns, enabling businesses to connect with their audience on a more intimate level. This innovative feature taps into WhatsApp's widespread popularity, presenting a novel channel for personalized marketing communications.

SMS Marketing Capabilities

Setting itself apart, Brevo integrates SMS marketing into its suite of services, a distinctive offering not typically provided by email service providers. This integration enhances digital marketing strategies by facilitating swift and efficient management of SMS campaigns, complementing traditional email promotions.

Advanced Automation Tools

Brevo's integration of marketing automation, including email automation, is a pivotal feature, streamlining automated messaging and workflow creation. This innovation not only saves valuable time but also guarantees uniform email marketing communication across various channels.

Efficient Sign-Up Forms

The user-friendly design of Brevo extends to crafting email signup forms, simplifying the process to create distinctive forms that adhere to GDPR compliance and incorporate crucial elements such as opt-in protocols.

Facebook Ads Integration

By leveraging Facebook ads integration, Brevo significantly bolsters email marketing tactics, enabling precise targeted advertising to chosen segments of your audience, thereby amplifying the success of your promotional efforts.

Landing Page Creation Tools

Brevo's suite of tools for landing page creation empowers users with a plethora of templates and customization options, facilitating the design of captivating landing pages that are instrumental in seizing attention and propelling conversions within the realm of email marketing.

Segmentation and Personalization

Brevo shines in delivering personalization and segmentation capabilities. The platform's intuitive tools aid in tailoring email content and carving out specific audience segments, thereby magnifying the pertinence and influence of your email marketing campaigns.

Diverse Integrations

Brevo's extensive array of integrations, including those with e-commerce and CRM systems, broadens the platform's utility, enriching email marketing strategies and elevating the user experience to new heights.

Chatbot and Live Chat Features

The integration of interactive elements such as the chatbot feature and live chat feature into Brevo's offerings enriches customer interaction, providing instantaneous support and fostering enhanced customer engagement, which in turn elevates the overall user experience in the email marketing domain.

Pricing Options

Brevo's pricing plans are thoughtfully designed to cater to diverse business needs, ranging from essential email marketing features for startups to sophisticated options for larger corporations. This flexibility ensures that businesses can select a plan that aligns perfectly with their specific email marketing requirements.


As a user-friendly email marketing tool, Brevo stands out with its affordability and ease of use, complemented by a suite of additional features. This well-rounded package positions Brevo as an ideal email marketing solution for businesses of any size aiming to refine their email marketing tactics.

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