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7 Tips to Achieve Wealth in Your 30s

Comparing aggressive wealth-building in your 30s to conservative investing for wealth in your 60s

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Written by
Roberto Dekker
Published on
14 Jul

Are you aiming to join the ranks of rich people before you hit the big 4-0? It’s entirely possible, but it requires dedication, smart planning, and aggressive financial strategies. Here's an in-depth look at how to build wealth effectively in your 30s, using a variety of tools from aggressive investments to entrepreneurial endeavors.

1. Invest Aggressively

To meet ambitious financial goals, mere savings won’t cut it. You need an aggressive investment plan that utilizes a substantial portion of your extra money. Consider two hypothetical investors: Marc and Steven, both earning $50,000 annually. Marc invests 10% of his salary in the stock market, including mutual funds, and after 30 years with an average return of 8%, his portfolio totals $614,883. Meanwhile, Steven opts to invest 30%, amassing a whopping $1,843,175 over the same period.

This scenario illustrates the power of aggressive investing. Starting with 15% or 20% of your income and scaling up can significantly speed up your wealth accumulation, helping you achieve financial independence much earlier. Furthermore, consistently increasing your investments directly from your primary income ensures that you’re always growing your wealth.

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2. Start Your Own Business

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Starting your own business is another powerful avenue to financial success. In today's digital age, initiating a business can be as simple as setting up an online store or offering a service through a professional network. Unlike traditional investments which require time to mature, a successful business can provide substantial returns in a relatively short period.

Consider the likes of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, who escalated their wealth through smart, scalable businesses. By reinvesting business profits into other investments, you create a diversified portfolio that can support your financial needs indefinitely.

3. Build Multiple Income Streams

The wisdom of having multiple income streams cannot be overstated. This strategy involves creating various sources of income which may include rental properties, dividend stocks, side businesses, and freelance opportunities. Such diversity protects you against financial downturns in any single sector and enhances your wealthy people status.

To start, focus on one or two additional streams and build from there. Each new stream acts as an extra income source that not only boosts your current financial standing but also contributes to your long-term financial security.

4. Good Debt vs. Bad Debt

Understanding debt is crucial in wealth building. Credit card debt is often considered bad debt due to its high-interest rates that can eat away at your financial health. Conversely, a mortgage for a rental property is typically seen as good debt because it can generate passive income through rental payments that cover the mortgage costs and can contribute to a retirement fund.

Investing in education or business loans can also be considered good debt if they lead to higher income potential. However, always ensure that any debt taken on aligns with your financial goals and does not compromise your financial stability.

5. Reconsider College

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The necessity of a traditional college education is increasingly being questioned. With the rising costs of tuition and the potential burden of student debt, alternative education paths like online courses, boot camps, or self-directed learning can be more cost-effective and equally rewarding.

For many, the choice to skip college in favor of immediate entry into the workforce or starting a business can lead to earlier financial success. This approach allows for the accumulation of extra money that would otherwise go towards tuition, which can be used to invest and grow your personal wealth.

6. Avoid Lifestyle Inflation

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As your income increases, it's tempting to increase your spending proportionately. However, this lifestyle inflation can hinder your ability to achieve financial independence. By maintaining a relatively modest lifestyle and investing the surplus in investment accounts, mutual funds, or real estate, you ensure continuous growth of your wealth.

Practicing financial prudence doesn’t mean living frugally—it means making strategic choices about spending, focusing on financial goals, and ensuring that each dollar you spend or save is aligned with those goals.

7. Take Risks

Taking calculated risks is essential for significant financial growth. This could mean investing in high-growth stocks, starting a business in a new and untested market, or buying properties in emerging neighborhoods. These decisions should be backed by thorough research and a clear understanding of the potential risks and rewards.

Remember, the likes of Warren Buffett advocate for taking intelligent risks—those that have been meticulously considered and align with one’s long-term financial aspirations. Having an emergency fund and a solid financial base can provide the safety net needed to take these risks without jeopardizing your overall financial health.

Crafting a Path to Millions

Building wealth in your 30s isn't about following a single path; it's about leveraging a combination of strategies tailored to your personal financial situation and goals. By embracing aggressive investment strategies, entrepreneurial ventures, multiple income streams, smart debt management, alternative education paths, controlled spending, and well-considered risks, you set yourself on a path not just to wealth, but to sustainable financial independence.

By starting now and making informed, bold decisions, your future self will thank you, not just for the millions of dollars in your bank account but for the freedom that comes with real financial security.

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